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At Jammin Vibez Radio, we strive to provide our listeners with a unique take on music, from the latest hits to classic favorites. We know that music can have a positive impact on people's lives, and that's why we are passionate about bringing our listeners the best possible experience. Whether you're looking for some good vibes or just need a place to find some new tunes, Jammin Vibez Radio has something for everyone. 

Jammin Vibez Radio is the go-to source for Caribbean music lovers. We strive to provide the best Caribbean music experience for our listeners. Our radio stations offers a unique mix of Dancehall, Reggae and the greatest hits of Reggae Classics, Lovers Rock and Gospel Reggae. Our music team have years of experience, and are passionate about bringing the Caribbean vibes to the airwaves. Tune in to Jammin Vibez Radio and enjoy hours of pure entertainment with Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and FLAC technology that will sound great with any Hi-Fi system, Smart Devices, PC or Mobile Devices.

Our channels have been on the air since 2016 and have developed a loyal listening audience by giving listeners new releases and the best reggae classics and lovers rock they couldn't hear on any other station.

We are dedicated to providing quality programming and giving everyone the opportunity to experience and enjoy the music they love. We strive to create an uplifting atmosphere that promotes mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. So get ready to vibe with Jammin Vibez Radio.

Our stations is dedicated to showcasing the highest quality music from emerging and established artists, as well as promoting up-and-coming talent. Whether you’re looking for classic hits, new songs from your favorite artists, or discovering something fresh and exciting, Jammin Vibez Radio has something for everyone. 

OUR MISSION: Bringing Quality Radio to Our Listeners

Jammin Vibez Radio is your go-to source for all things reggae. We strive to bring the latest dancehall and reggae tunes to our listeners, as well as the best classic reggae, lovers rock and gospel reggae from the past. Our mission is to provide a commercial-free, uninterrupted music experience that brings our listeners the best in reggae music, from new releases to classic hits.

Bringing the Caribbean to Your Ears 24/7

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